About Too Blue Boutique

10 Cool Facts About myself and Too Blue : 

1. Too Blue is located at 170 Columbia Centre in the beautiful town of Columbia, IL (very close to St. Louis, MO). 

2. My name is Addie Hohman (owner) and my two blue-eyed children (Emerson & Malone) inspired the name Too Blue. 

3. I have lived in Illinois, Missouri, California, then back to my hometown Columbia, IL.  

4. My Too Blue girls are Bryce, Breeyn, Denise, McKenna, Courtney, Chelsy, Donna, Dawsyn, Aspen, Nicole, Kelly, Claire - they either work at the store or model (or both). 

5. One of our employees may marry Taylor Kinney one day....... 

6. You can follow Too Blue on : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube 

7. Bryce Dillenberger is our gorgeous and talented videographer/photographer - she's also an original Too Blue girl. 

8. We love Long Lashes, Starbucks and Warm Weather!

9. Too Blue believes that "TO GIVE IS TO LIVE" 

10. Lastly, we hope to see you soon!